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Early Years


Spanning 10,000 square feet of dynamic learning space. Here, children embark on a journey of discovery and imagination, exploring our carefully crafted environments designed to inspire curiosity, creativity, and collaboration. 

Early Year Inquiry 

At Oxburgh Early Years Centre (EYC) 

We are dedicated to providing a nurturing and
supportive environment where every child can flourish.

Raise Multilingual Kids

Medium of Instruction:
Bahasa Melayu

Enhance Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

Through interactive activities and engaging challenges

Promote 5CS


Subjects Taught

Preschool Journey


2-3 years old

Early Year 1

3-4 years old

Early Year 2

4-5 years old


5-6 years old

Year 1

6-7 years old

What Parents Say:

" My kid is in Playschool and I can notice his improvement in academic, physical and cognitive aspects. The preschool upholds holistic syllabus as well as caring environment which benefits the students. I am also well informed of my kid’s progress daily. My kid really loves going to school! Thanks for all the effort and love from OXIS team🥰"
Joyce Wong
" My son studies at EY1, we are grateful that the teachers are very caring, dedicating to their works, and showing their love and patience to students. He enjoys to study at OXIS. We made the right decision to transfer him to OXIS as we see he has gradually improved and teachers always update us our son’s progress. Keep it up momentum teachers and OXIS! "
Wen Nee
" 我女儿目前是小学一年级的学生。放学后,我们让她加入 Oxis daycare program。我本以为只让她有个地方消磨时间并指导她完成作业就可以了。这想法是错了。 非常感谢Grace老师和Kristina老师(总是从孩子口中听到这两个名字)。孩子喜欢摩仿老师们的教学方式来教我。简单有趣的教学方式让孩子容易理解及记住。 Grace老师是我在学校遇见的第一个人。总是带着微笑,且耐心及可蔼可亲。记得有一次,孩子在学校丢了练习本,就给Grace老师发短信寻求她的帮助(其实啊当下是没报有任何希望,毕竟这不是在他们的责任范围内)。她第一回应说 “没事,我待会带着孩子一同去看看找找” ,没多久就收到照片让我安心。这举动让我好感动。发觉孩子在这里开始会与其他小朋友互动及分享东西,有时还会叫我买些小玩意与老师一起玩闹。 我很高兴做出正确选择让孩子加入这里"
Angel Liew
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