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Our Story

Oxburgh's Story

Our story begins in 2012, in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur as a small tuition centre called Oxburgh Academy. With five teachers and a handful of students, we were laser focused on providing our students with the very best school experience. We were cultivating and nurturing the next generation, not only in terms of their academics, but also in terms of life-long skills.

The school is both founded and managed by teachers, who have made it their life-long mission to foster and educate the next generation. At the core of it all, we are just a passionate group of experienced teachers guiding our students through not only their academic journey, but their childhood and teenage years.
Slowly over the years, the Oxburgh campus has grown bigger to accommodate the increased demand for our educational services. We have moved campuses multiple times, from our original location which was a four classroom-one storey set up to our next which was nicknamed sekolah tiga tingkat (three storey school). Before moving to our final location in Taman Kemacahaya, we were in a block of shop lots. Wherever we were, it was always the same spirit of wanting to provide our students and teachers a shared teaching learning space. As we grew, more teachers joined the teaching team to keep up with the larger number of students that we have at hand. Yet, the original Oxburgh spirit from a decade ago still remains strong amongst all our teachers; we ensure that each and every teacher is fully dedicated and motivated to provide Oxburghians with the best teaching and support possible.